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A Smile/Taking It To The Streets!

A Smile

Rev. Bear here.

Karen is working on my Taking It To The Streets! site
which makes me smile . . .

it may take a while . . .

all is in The Goddess' Perfect Timing . . .


here's the url,
but i warn you there not much there right now . . .

Taking It To The Streets!

i gotta wake up enough to take
the correct set of psych and pain meds . . .

karen's doing her rituals so she can leave the home
to do some errands by herself . . .

the cops rounded up all but the gentlest
of the panhandlers last nite . . .

i called both local jails . . .

the women at union street were very nice
but the man i was looking for wasn't there . . .

the man at the whalley avenue jail was rather hostile . . .

obviously the whalley avenue jail
is chock-ful of six foot three
dark-skinned black dudes named steve . . .

::rolls eyes::

::the leprechaun living in my right hand does a jig::

calling the police stations from my "office"
on audobon street was very scary . . .
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