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Post to PANIC_FORUM (Yahoo Group) [Edited}

Rev. Bear posted to the PANIC_FORUM (a Yahoo Group)

I shook Jimi Hendrix's hand on Friday night.
a poem i wrote back in march of this year . . .

shook Jimi Hendrix's hand on Friday night.

Way To Go,Astros!

waits all night, then wins it for White

Sox off the bench

think my meds are finally
prevailing over some coffee ice cream . . .

unless the courts or the long arm of the law
require otherwise
i'd say it's time to search for a new shrink
who may find better meds for you

--- H wrote:

Hello all,
I am GRATEFUL to the support that some of the group members have
extended towards me. While doing search on Panic Disorder, I have
read somewhere that persons suffering from panic disorder are very
nice, caring and good to make friends. It seems correct here on this
group. Thanks once again.


Thank you.

Love and only love,

"Rev. Bear" wrote

Welcome to the group!

Rev. Bear here.

agree with Charles,
just adding that both xanax and ativan
can be addictive--kind of like
a glass of wine or a beer
in that they both act quickly.

guessing by your triple exclamation marks
that their may a manic aspect to your illness . . .

none of the regular posters here are medical professionals . . .

just mental health consumers who may have travelled
some the roads you have and some of have
lots of time doing research on the illness . . .

i had a half-way decent page of mental health links
that got kinda lost when my wife moved and
discontinued my webtv accounts . . .

Take care,


--- Char|es wrote:

The long term amswer is that you need to get back to the core of
what caused your anxiety and the short term is you need to get your
doctor to put you on xanax or ativan.

I take ativan and zoloft and it has helped me to regain my life
after many years of
anxiety and agoraphobia.

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