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bearlinks's Journal

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Bear's Collection Of Links

a bigg crappe, absurdisme, agape, agoraphobia, alan bates, allen ginsberg, angels, anti-war, arles, aunt noonie, baguette, ballet, bare feet, baroque music, bastille, bbws, beanie babies, beards, bearnaise, beary bi-polar, becket, betty castor, bikini, bread, brigette bardot, bru, buddhism, butterflies, ca vas?, cat stevens, cathedrals, catholics, chambord, cheese, cherbourg, chocolat, chocolate, chopin, christopagans, chubby chasers, chubby dudes, chubs, claudette colbert, communities, consciousness raising, converse sneakers, crystals, cubs, cybearfriends, dar, degas, dejeuner, doctor rantenpray, dolls, doonesbury, dorks, dragons, eccentric, edith piaf, el barrio, elias boudinot, fairies, fantasy, fat admirers, fat dyke, fat dykes, fat liberation, fat rights, feet, felines, fesbian lemonists, florida, francais, france, franco-americans, francophiles, freaks, freedom fries, french canadians, friendship circles, geeks, gladys valentine barlow, gourmet food, graphics, harry potter, homicidal ideation, humor, insomnia, inspiration, john squared, jonathan edwards, keith olbermann, links, metafilter, mlle landry, molly ivans, motivation, music, music freaks, music geeks, nerdfilter, nerds, new england, new hampshire, news, norman lear, ocd, ogden nash, ohio, petites fours, poetry, politics, postcards, prayer, ptsd, randomness, recounts, reptar, resources, rss, rugrats, san francisco, seafattle, search engines, seattle, snags, stoners, sugar dance, suicidal ideation, surf saves, teddy bears, text links, topless bikini, tracks in the snow, viva la france, webrings, weirdness, wiffle, women in politics, xml, zaftig, zen, ♀♀, ♀♂, ♂♂